You Might Need To Know More About Light Steel Screws

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When you build a house frame, a light steel screw is needed to install it. Mild steel screws also have many types that are tailored to your needs. There are mild steel screws specifically for canal installation, mild steel couplers specifically for mounting battens, spandek special couplers and much more. Additionally, if you’ve got a lot of broken ball screws that you want to throw away, perhaps you must consider hiring the trusted before you do it.

Here are some examples of lightweight steel accessories that you need to know to support the assembly of a roof frame, ceiling, partition or something else:

Concrete nail

Concrete nails are nails made of steel which function to penetrate hard concrete or cement walls. There are two types of concrete nails, namely black concrete nails and white concrete nails. Its strength is almost the same, only black concrete nails are usually used for cable hooks, while white nails are used for wire hooks or making hangers on the walls of the house. Many concrete nails are used to nail on concrete walls.

Self Drilling Screw (SDS)

SDS mild steel screws have a vital role in the process of lightweight steel assembly. Inappropriate selection can be a fatal problem because it can cause the failure of building structures. SDS itself has several sizes, for example, SDS 12-24×45 for spandex bolts, SDS 12-24×20 for canal bolts and SDS 8-18×13 for batten bolts. SDS mild steel screw forms usually have a head with a special section where the tip of the screw allows it to be changed or driven.


In addition to mild steel couplers, there is also dynabolt. Dynabolt is generally used as an object fastener installation to stone, concrete and other materials. This bolt is a cylindrical sleeve that will expand when the bolt is tightened so that it can be used to glue two objects. How to use dynabolt is by making a hole according to the size of the dynabolt sleeve with depth to the retaining ring. After drilling. the hole is cleaned from the rest of the drilling. Then put it firmly.

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