You Can Do These Tips To Patch Your Carpet

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Patching carpets is very easy if we know the tricks to do it. By using the right tricks, the carpet that is patched at a glance is not visible, other people will not be able to see the patch on your carpet. In this article, I will share with you tips on patching carpets. Meanwhile, you may call the experts of useful content if your carpets or rugs become very smelly and dirty.

Here are the tips for you:

1. Place the carpet on the floor with the bottom of the carpet facing upwards and do not fold the part so that it is easy to find the hollow part.

2. Change the shape of the hole on the irregular carpet into a rectangular shape and measure the length and width of the hole in the shape that had used a ruler.

3. Prepare patching carpets taken from the outermost side of the carpet that we patch, the size of the patching carpet is a little bit bigger (about one millimeter from the hole to be patched) from the hole we are going to patch, this is so that there is no gap in the meeting side of hole with patch.

4. Attach the matching carpet to the hole to be patched, then spread the bottom of the patch and the side of the hole with multipurpose glue, which is the part that will come into contact with the floor when used. Installation of patching carpets must be the same as the position of the carpet that was laid out on the floor, its position should not be reversed.

5. Prepare a strong thin cloth (can be replaced with a plastic similar to a raincoat material) 1cm larger in size than the patchwork carpet then given multipurpose glue then let it sit for several minutes until the glue is not sticky anymore.

6. If all the glue that sticks to the carpet and strong thin fabric (plastic that resembles a raincoat material) is not sticky then the fabric surface containing glue can be glued to the part of the carpet that has been glued and then press the part that has been glued with fingers.

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