What Will You Take Into Consideration When Choosing The Unit Of Condo?

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The condo is a residence that uses a portion of the room from tens to hundreds of buildings located in a building. The room contains rooms, kitchens, sitting rooms and so on. Do you plan to buy the condo? If you then simply answer yes, you can consider Avenue South Residence condo unit that can give you the chance of realizing the condo living as you dream.

Location is the first aspect that needs to consider in buying a condo like Avenue South Residence. The first thing you have to do is pay attention to the distance that is closest to your place of daily activities (office/place of business), so that it is more efficient in saving travel time, transportation costs and labor.


The condo facilities are an advantage compared to other residential models. Make sure there are various facilities, such as a health and fitness center (swimming pool, fitness center, jogging track etc.), shopping centers / mini markets, restaurants, a large parking lot, children’s playground, ATM and banking, security (Security, CCTV & Access Card) and so on in the condo you choose. Sure, you may not forget the importance of amenities checks even though you wonder how South Avenue Residence can be your best condo choice.

Maintenance costs

This factor is quite important to note because the maintenance costs are periodic. You must consider Avenue South Residences when selecting the condo unit. When staying at home there are many types of contributions that must be paid starting from security, cleanliness, electricity, telephone, lawn mower, etc. It’s different from a condo that is just once a month because it’s accumulated. there are even condo managers who charge 6 months for maintenance costs. However, indeed the nominal value for the cost of maintaining condo is more expensive than a house.


Well, if we buy a house, then we will get a letter of ownership. If we buy the condo, we will get a certificate of use rights to the building with a time limit of up to 20 years.

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