This Is The Reason Why Office Chair Must Be In Accordance With Body Shape

Thursday , 30, May 2019 Leave a comment

Employees who have comfortable office chairs can work better. Office chairs do affect comfort while working. This is what all companies must realize. Companies must provide comfortable office chairs for their employees. You can choose herman miller emerald.

A comfortable office chair is an office chair that fits the employee’s body size. The best way you can do to find out if the chair you choose is in accordance with the size of the body is to immediately try to occupy it. A good work chair has a distance of at least 3 centimeters on the right and left sides of the body. This will make you sit more comfortably.

Another important point that often escapes attention is the seat cushion. Like the armrest, a good seat cushion is also at least 3 centimeters from the back of the knee joint. If the bearing distance from the knee fold is too far or even too close, knee movement will be very limited, reducing your comfort when sitting.

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