SEO Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

Thursday , 30, May 2019 Leave a comment

Search engine optimization is not math, so there is no exact count. However, SEO is not a science that can not be learned. By observing the existing patterns we can know what the heck is desired by Google. You can visit agencia seo alicante to get the best SEO service.

If it still fails, it does not mean Google is not friendly, more often because we are doing the following search engine optimization mistakes:

1. Optimize specific anchor text too much

The first mistake in SEO is to focus too much on certain anchor text optimizations that are typically keywords. Oh, still foreign to the term anchor text huh? Anchor text is the arrangement of words that are labeled as a link. Usually marked with color differences or sometimes with underscores.

Then what is the right combination of mas? The right combination of anchor text is suggested using brand 80%, by directly using the site URL address. Then 20% of the new combination of keywords, and even then suggested with more varied variations.

2. Too many backlinks to the main page

The second SEO mistake is most often done by bloggers, but it can adversely affect the ranking of the site. Even the worst possible penalty from Google. The best recommendation is to embed different pages as links according to the backlink niche, so it looks natural.

3. Content is too short and not qualified

Content that is too short is certainly less than ideal. Although not a big impact if almost all the content has a low quality then sooner or later rank your blog will sag. Just look at Wikipedia, in addition to already reliable articles are also very detailed.

4. Choosing backlink quantity rather than quality

Many are good, but that does not apply in the world of SEO. 5 backlinks from trusted sites are better than 1000 backlinks from spam blogs whose content is arbitrary let alone contain content that is not qualified.

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