Land Clearing Uses Several Of These Methods

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A house or building can be built on the right land. then the land must be free from various semi-permanent buildings and also various trees that grow there. Land Clearing is a process that must be carried out by contractors who want to build a building or house on land that has previously been planted with various large plants or trees.

There are several methods carried out in this land clearing process. Here are some methods that are carried out:

– Perimeter method
This method is suitable to be applied to flat areas, after the plot of the area to be opened has been determined, the bulldozer starts cutting or overthrowing the tree, from the outside to the inside, circling the area plot with the motion of the bulldozer opposite the clock.

– Outcrop method
Same as the perimeter method, the difference lies in the motion of the bulldozer, in this method, the slash or fall starts from the middle of the plot area heading out with the motion of the bulldozer clockwise

– Contour method
This method is applied to a hilly area, the bulldozer cuts down, slashes from the top of the hill down to areas of the same height (same contour).

– Pilling stacking method
Generally the result of felling trees, twigs are piled up in the same direction as the direction of angina and follow the contour line, the displacement distance of the bulldozer is around 15-20 m so that later the stack distance from each other becomes around 30-50 m.

– Burning method
What really needs to be considered in working on this method is the direction of the wind, because the fire will be difficult to control and also the results of combustion become imperfect.

All of these methods must be done in the right way because this method affects the results of the land clearing. so, you have to apply the right method for the land clearing.

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